TunEdge Music has new Imaging Effects, Western Music and Rock Stab Music that has recently been released.  To hear samples of these Production Music tracks, listen below.  If you need help with a music search give one of our Music Supervisors a call at 800-279-0014.

Ravioli Western Ravioli WesternFull Version (Description: Melodic, Spaghetti Western, Grim, Dark, Building, Somber, Solemn, Whistle, Earthy, Film & TV – Adventure, Film & TV – Mystery)

CK4001_13_Scrape CK – 4001 – 13 (Description: Hypnotic guitar-like feedback. Separator, Sweeper)

CK4001_14_Scrape CK – 4001 – 14 (Description: Sounds from the cockpit.  Punctuator, Separator)

Curly Fried Curly Fried (Description: Rock Shell, Classic Rock Shell, Funk style music stab, Rock, Rock – Funk, Rock – Southern Rock)

Trackmeet Trackmeet (Description: Rock Shell, Classic Rock Shell, Punk rock style stab, Rock, Rock – Pop)