Going back a few days in the blog you can hear scary, horror, suspenseful Halloween Production Music in the Brandon’s Zombie Nightmare video.  On Fridays Blog we posted some samples of Fun, Wacky, humorous Halloween Production Music.  Today I though I would post 3 samples of Hip Hop Halloween Production Music.

Halloween Trick or Beat Halloween Trick or Beat: (Description: Ominous, Choir, Heavy Beats, String plucks, Dark, Spooky, Hip Hop)

Drac-u-Layer Drac-U-Layer: (Description: Down tempo Dracula style Hip-Hop; creepy string and organ medleys; traditional Halloween music.)

Haunted House Party Haunted House Party(Description: Mid tempo Hip-Hop/Dance mix; ethereal string pads; eerie toy piano melodies; great Halloween house party music.)

Reviewing the samples in all three of these blogs you can hear the versatility of Halloween Production Music you can find in the TunEdge Production Music Catalog.  Anything from scary, horror to wacky fun and Hip Hop Halloween Production Music can be found in the TunEdge Music catalog.  If you would like to license any of these Halloween Production Music tracks please call TunEdge Music at 800-279-0014.