Yesterday and today Hip Hop and Dance Production Music  was on this list for updates from the TunEdge Production Music Catalog take a listen to these great Dance Production Music and Hip Hop Production Music tracks.

Fit The Body Fit The Body: (Description: Rhythmic, Rebellious, Dark, Pulsing, Extreme Sports, Groove, Confident, Bold, Action, Gritty, Electro, Tough, Hard, Hip Hop – Beats, Sports – Extreme Sports, Urban – Hip-Hop)

Drop My Baby Drop My Baby: (Description: Pumping, Party, Furutistic, Bright, Atmospheric, Breezy, Upbeat, Driving, Energetic, Groove, Bouncy, Building, Textural, Reflective, Satisfied, Proud, Confident, Bold, Teen, Youth, Dance – Electronica, Electronic – Electronica)

TunEdge Music has a vast selection of genres of Production Music to chose from.  If you need help finding Production Music for your project please call 800-279-0014 and speak with one of our Music Supervisors.