We know what time of year it is! It is time for March Madness. Looking for music for your tv commercials, film, sports videos, or radio promos? Here are some of our latest tracks.  Any of these fun Tunedge songs will make a great addition to your game day parties.

  • Do You Want Me

Want to promote March Madness? This could be used in a commercial.

  • Big Buck Seats

This could be a great motivational song. It’s upbeat and has a bit of an electronic vibe to it.

  • Top Down Day

If you are looking for more of a rock and roll feel to your basketball commercials or trailers, this might be a good one to use.

  • On The Scene

This is another one that has a nice hip hop energy to it. It sounds almost like a beat you would hear in a 90s rap song if you are feeling nostalgic.

  • No Punk Bach

This is an interesting electronic track has a bit of woodwinds in the background.

  • Pickin Up A Game

This one is similar, but it has a different woodwinds bit.

  • Z Infectious

This one has an Indian feel to it with the Bollywood-style beat. This could also make a great commercial or movie trailer.

  • Barry Glitter

This one makes me think of the 1980s hard rock bands. It has a rockin’ guitar beat that you can jam to.

  • Yung Money

Get your groove on with this epic track. It has a whistle sound in the background that would pair perfectly with your March Madness party.

  • Phantom My System

The clapping sound on this track makes it another upbeat song that could go with your March Madness commercials or trailers.

  • Two Timer

This one has a hip-hop vibe.

Check out the video below for more!