It’s that time of year again when the beer is flowing, the snacks are abundant and your living room is filled with all your friends, ready to watch the big game.

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone in the U.S. that doesn’t love football season for one reason or another. Even if they aren’t about the game, there’s something that brings them joy — whether it’s tailgating, watching the sports highlights, or even having a few hours of peace & quiet while their significant other watches the game (haha!)

Do you have the music licensing rights to create the soundtrack to your season?

Let’s start off with the tunes to get you pumped for Game Day! City Crusher, Heavy Foot, Gold Metal Rock, and Frantic Search are just a few hits from our inaugural montage that may just be perfect for you to add to your licensed music library. In case those aren’t just what you need, our Game Day II collection also brings the hits with The Final Days, Dirty Fast, I Said Oh My God, and Coliseum Gods.

Sometimes we just need the straight tracks that are great for any time in the football season — as well as being licensed music for commercial use. Metal Endzone, Who Got the Balls, The Final Days and Blasted Yankee are perfect to get any viewer pumped for the game!

If you’re creating a retrospective montage, these clips are likely perfect to accompany your reel. Think about adding 100s On Top, Quantum Charge, New Hope or Swervin to create the right mood.

Some people just aren’t interested in the pros and prefer to stick to college sports. For those college football fans out there, some great options are The Drumline, Player Cold, Game Day and Spin the Tires.

And as the season comes to a close, you’ll need to be ready for the finale with our Triumph of Winners collection. Carbon Fiber, Epic Legacy, A Brand New Start, and Dream to Win will be perfect to create that celebratory feel.

So, now that you’re ready to kick-off the football season, where are we watching the game? Your house or ours?