Just out today, TunEdge Music has released various genres of Rock Production Music.  In these updates you will find Hard Rock Production Music, Classic Rock Production Music and Pop Rock Production Music.  Enjoy the samples of each below.

Keep Them In the Cage Keep Them In the CageFull Version (Description: Thrashing, Dramatic, Bold, Aggressive, Determined, Heavy, Hard, Masculine, Edgy, Gritty, Action, Sports, Headlines, Proud, Film & TV – Action, Rock – Hard Rock, Sports – Wrestling)

March First March First(Description: Rock Shell, Classic Rock Shell, 70’s Style rock stab. Rock, Rock – Classic Rock)

Cable Guy Cable Guy (Description: Rock Shell, Classic Rock Shell, Grunge rock groove sounds very thin. Rock, Rock – Pop)

The TunEdge Music Catalog has thousands of Rock Production Music tracks to choose from.  So if you looking for Rock Production Music for your next project call TunEdge today!