Tuesday TunEdge Music Library released Dramatic Trailer Production Music, 1950’s Production Music, Dance Production Music and Imaging Effects.  Below or samples of each.

The Power Of Pure Steel The Power Of Pure SteelFull Version (Description: Building, Cinematic, Dramatic, Suspense, Action, Adventure, Trailer, Tension, Determined, Drama – Suspense, Film & TV – Epic, Trailer)

Berry Burns It Bad Berry Burns It BadFull Version (Description: Shuffle, Swinging, Bouncy, Fun, Carefree, Happy, Satisfied, Groove, Funky, Bluesy, Confident, Optimistic, Blues, Rock – Rockabilly)

Rockin’ Bar Scene Rockin’ Bar SceneFull Version (Description: Melodic, Bouncy, Building, Bright, Teen, Youth, Driving, Fun, Party, Bubblegum, Energetic, Dance – Pop, Electronic – Electro Rock)

CK4001_07_Scrape CK – 4001 – 07 (Description: Power core kicking to life. Punctuator, Separator)

CK4001_08_Scrape CK – 4001 – 08 (Description: Distant sound of a race car. Separator, Sweeper)

For information on getting a Synchronization License for any of the Production Music in the TunEdge catalog call 800-279-0014.