You get new Production Music virtually every day with TunEdge Production Music Library.  Today you can find Dance Pop Production Music, Rock Pop Production Music, Blues Rock Production Music as well as Imaging Effects.  Below are samples of each.

It’s Unanimous It’s UnanimousFull Version (Description: Melodic, Party, Fun, Youth, Teen, Bubblegum, Gritty, Groove, Bright, Celebration, Dance – Pop, Electronic – Electro Rock)

Swagger Like Jagger Swagger Like Jagger – Full Version (Description: Melodic, Rocktronica, Driving, Bouncy, Fun, Energetic, Youth, Teen, Bright, Celebration, Electronic – Electro Rock, Rock – Pop)

Four-Door Nomad Four-Door Nomad – Full Version (Description: Melodic, Laidback, Carefree, Bouncy, Surf, Confident, Bold, Cool, Slick, Determined, Bluesy, 1960’s, Rock – Blues, Rock – Surf)

CK4001_01_Scrape CK – 4001 – 01 (Description: Malfunctioning servo engine. Separator, Sweeper)

CK4001_02_Scrape CK – 4001 – 02 (Description: Sounds like a crazy cosmic cell phone. Separator, Sweeper)

If you need help finding Production Music for your next video or film production give us a call and talk with one of our Music Supervisors.