TunEdge Music has released a Film & TV Action-Suspense Production Music track and a Trailer Riser in today’s updates.  The Film & TV Action-Suspense Production Music track has Full and Reduced Versions as well as varying lengths.  Sample both tracks below.

Stone Steel Saviour Stone Steel Saviour – Full (Description: Sinister, Foreboding, Punchy, Pulsing, Edgy, Gritty, Driving, Determined, Tough, Rough, Masculine, Energetic, Positive, Progress, Sports, Aggressive, Hard, Heavy, Film & TV – Action, Film & TV – Suspense, Trailer – Riser)

Back Flip Back Flip (Description: Decaying, Accelerating, Driving, Electric, Electricity, Expansive, Flutter, Pulsing, Anticipation, Sweeping, Mysterious, Sci-Fi, Trailer, SFX, Building, Suspense, Thriller, Dark, Sinister, Film & TV – Suspense, Trailer)

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