Out today, Extreme Sports Production Music.  As with most Extreme Sports Production Music this track features driving, gritty electric guitars.  This hard edge aggressive track is extreme just like Extreme Sports Production Music requires.  Listen to a sixty second Full version of this song below.

Your Attention Please Your Attention Please (Description: Trailer, Building, Dramatic, Edgy, Gritty, Driving, Determined, Tough, Rough, Masculine, Energetic, Positive, Progress, Sports, Aggressive, Hard, Heavy, Film & TV – Action, Rock – Hard Rock, Trailer – Riser)

Your Attention Please comes in :30 Full and Reduced, :60 Full and Reduced and 2:44 Full and Reduced Version.  If you need help finding more aggressive Extreme Sports Production Music like Your Attention Please then give TunEdge Music a call and speak to one of our Music Supervisors.