TunEdge Production Music Library has released another great collection of dance music called “EDM After Party“.  While you listen to this collection in the video below you will experience a night of EDM.  While EDM is a fairly new term meaning Electronic Dance Music it is not limited to one specific genre.  Therefore when listing to EDM you can hear techno, trance, drum & bass and dubstep or more.  Consequently this collection of EDM from the TunEdge Music Library has a relaxed mellow after party feeling.

EDM After Party

EDM After Party – Video Montage

So now it is time to enjoy a little relaxing EDM.  While you listen to the video below picture yourself in the After Party of a EDM Festival.

In conclusion, don’t forget synchronization licensing is available on all TunEdge production music.  So call today 800-279-0014 to get your username and password to all the great production music we have.