Most new comers to Production Music libraries are not familiar with the term Needle Drop or “Drop“.  This term originates from a time when Production Music Libraries used Albums to distribute the Production Music.  Each time a piece of Production Music is used a cost is incurred.  Since the needle to the record player was dropped on the album, requiring a payment, thus the term Needle Drop came into existence.  

Today most Production Music Libraries no longer ship albums but the name Needle Drop has stuck.  New terms are creeping into the industry like Digital Download. 

As mentioned above, Need Drop Licenses or Drop License allow the licensee to license Production Music on a per use basis.  The cost is computed by the type of production a piece of Production Music is used in.  The average range of prices for a Needle Drop or Drop range from $50 on the low end to $5000+ on the high end.  Prices can vary greatly depending on the popularity, uniqueness of the music and the Music Publisher who owns it.  Most Production Music Libraries do not require a fee to have a Drop or Needle Drop License.

If you would like information about getting a Needle Drop or Drop License from TunEdge Music please call 800-279-0014 and speak to one of our sales representatives.