Springtime is here, and so are lots of cool new production jobs! One of the main reasons Spring is such a popular time of year for video production is the beautiful weather. Nature is in bloom and the sun is shining. In many parts of the United States, the frost is thawing and people are beginning to feel safe venturing outside without their winter coat.

It’s a beautiful time of year for holiday fun, wedding celebrations and multiple types of school functions that lend themselves to movie memories. Once you’ve edited your video production projects together, do you have the right music licensing to capture the appropriate springtime mood? Let’s take a look at some common events & holidays from this time of year that need a variety of music choices:

Celebrating the Easter Holiday

Easter represents an extreme level of importance in many people’s lives. Of course, it has its roots in religion, but it also means a chance to enjoy time with family, and reflect. Our reflections music collection is often a great pairing to video memories. And for those Easter egg hunts, either our collection of kid-friendly music or our family fun montage will surely do the trick. If you are producing a commercial, our retail kitsch music will likely fit the bill for promoting those cute odds and ends for Easter basket fun!

Wedding Celebrations

They say “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” but let’s face it — some of the highest-grossing films of the last ten years have been comedies based on Vegas wedding shenanigans. Make sure you you have the right music for your Vegas blockbuster. For those videographers taking on a lot of wedding clients this season, make sure the soundtrack offers your bride and groom the very best sampling of their memories. Try some traditional wedding music, a little classical, some family fun music for the dancing scenes or stray away from the norm with this swag candy music version of “Baby I love ya way.

Nature Videos

A wonderful part of the Spring season comes from watching all of the foliage climb out of the frosty abyss of winter and bloom brightly. Nature is an incredible thing, and channels like Discovery channel tend to feature incredible nature documentaries. If you have one of these on the books, you can use music collections like Reflections or Bossa Nova to highlight your footage. For those time-lapse blooming snippets, Magic & Wonder is a perfect choice. And finally, just because the title is so perfect, don’t forget to include at least a ten-second spot from “Some Things Never Die.

Workout – Get that Summertime Bod

Springtime also means that many people are taking advantage of the improved weather and working to shed those holidays pounds and get in shape for swimsuit season. This is a great time to produce a workout video! Try music from our general workout collection, or maybe Latin Dance hits. Inspire your clients with our Welcome to the Olympics collection and be sure to keep the motivation going by putting some Triumph music at the completion of the workout video. We are all workout winners!

So, which type of production will you be attempting to create first? Whatever you choose, TunEdge is here to help you find the right tracks in our music licensing library. Be sure to contact us today so we can set you up with a music licensing contract to best fit your needs long term!