When creating a film, television show, commercial or YouTube video, we all know how important the soundtrack is to the story. After all, what would films like Star Wars be like without the amazing accompanying score? Or would you feel the same way about the car you purchased if the commercial didn’t have that catchy tune?

Ok, ok, so maybe we are reaching on the last one. You probably paid attention to a few other things when it came to purchasing your car, but there’s a good chance that commercial got you in the door!

Overall, the point we are trying to make is that a video without music (properly licensed music, of course) is like macaroni without cheese… It just doesn’t make sense!

For that reason, we’ve put together a new high-end music montage that has tons of tracks perfect for your next creative project. These are excellent tracks to round out your music licensing library.

Music licensing for video is easy when you’ve chosen the right tracks. Here’s a sampling of a few of our favorites:

Move your Body – Male vocal, up-tempo, positive fun, feel-good, youthful

Dancing on the Beach – Male vocal, youthful, beach, summer carefree

Way Back Home – Epic, female, vocal, dramatic, cinematic and powerful

Pure Platinum – Male vocal, funky, sexy, urban, party

Make me want to Fly – Male vocal, indie pop, spiritual, uplifting, soaring, positive

This goes out to the Girls – Female vocal, confident, cocky, urban, street, pop

Heaven & Earth – Male vocal, warm, heart-felt, inspirational, spiritual

Summer (Dance) – Male vocal, youthful, dance, pop, anthemic, summer

Back to the Start – Female vocal, pop rock, youthful, confident

Love Hit & Run – Male vocal, indie folk pop, warm, friendly

Throw your hands up – Male vocal, youth pop, positive, carefree, summer fun

So, which track do you plan to use for your next production? Let us help you add some new tracks to your music licensing database! We’re excited to share these high-end, indie pop tracks with you!