This week 2013 came to a close and 2014 started anew.  TunEdge Production Music Library has fresh new tracks this week that cover Production Music genres like, Dance, Drama – Despair, Folk and Rock – Surf.  Here samples of these tracks below.

Tonight at 11 Tonight at 11Full Version (Description: Energetic, Action, Anticipation, Pulsing, Rhythmic, Headlines, News, Media, Tension, Drama – Action, Film & TV – Newsreel, News – Dramatic)

Skinny and Weird Skinny and Weird Full Version (Description: Creepy, Surf, Halloween, Laidback, Bouncy, Party, 1960’s, Whimsical, Quirky, Holiday – Halloween, Rock – Surf)

Bright And New Life Bright And New Life – Full Version (Description: Bright, Happy, Breezy, Acoustic, Earthy, Organic, Satisfied, Commercials, Sparkly, Sunrise, Warm, Folk, Pop)

Empty Houses Empty Houses – Full Version (Description: Solemn, Somber, Gloomy, Reflective, Emotive, Despair, Sad, Melancholy, Introspective, Drama – Despair, Film & TV – Drama, Pop – Adult Contemporary)

Dink DinkFull Version (Description: Melodic, Energy, Driving, Determined, Gritty, Electro, Building, Bold, Confident, Hard, Edgy, Sports, Pulsing, Building, Dance – Electronica, Dance – House, Sports – Extreme Sports)

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