D-Frag Production Music Library is one of the first Production Music Libraries in the TunEdge Production Music Catalog.  With 14 CD’s, D-Frag Production Music Library is the retro sounds of the 80’s and 90’s library featuring fresh, hot music, ranging from Hot Country to Rock, from Techno/Industrial to Jazz.  With music in the style of artist like Erasure, Nine Inch Nailes, George Michael, Prodigy, Superfly, N’Sync, Crystal Method, Depeche Mode, Goo Goo Dolls, Green Day, Hootie & The Blowfish, Matchbox 20, The Black Crowes, The Offspring, The Eagles, Faith Hill, Reba McEntyre, Tim McGraw and Vince Gill.  D-Frag Production Music Library is a valuable addition to the TunEdge Production Music Catalog.  The following is a list of the discs you can find in the D-Frag Production Music Library and a short description of the disc. 

AC Jazz   Disc: D-1 

Is the first disc in the Adult contemporary and jazz set & contains some of our finest and most sophisticated pieces.  Understated while making a statement this disc is mature & progressive; easy to listen to but definitely not easy listening!

 AC Jazz Disc: D-2

A dynamic blend of voices ranging from light to moody; even more sophisticated moods and tones for your project.  These cuts put the Roxy in music!

Dance Disc: D-3 

From the edge of “Blade Runner” industrial textures to full on Eighties “Flock of Seagulls” synthesized pop styles.  Every track gets the head bobbing and booty shaking; if it doesn’t, check your pulse!

Hip Hop Disc: D-4

Heavy street beats and vibes that evoke every aspect of the urban landscape.  Upbeat grooves & sinister retro loops make D-4 a welcome addition to your catalog of cues.  Edgy, “old school” sounds and samples will add “flavah” to any application!

Industrial  Disc: D-5

Heavy, hardcore and bold; space age and sci-fi – All of the aggressive tracks pack on a heavy punch attitude and power.  Deeply pulsating & disturbing; A great attention grabber!

Industrial  Disc: D-6

More powerful cuts with a hard, aggressive edge; it’s 2:00am in Europe and the party has just started; the doorman’s letting you in so you can test the bass response on your central nervous system! Dynamic & brash! Be afraid….

Industrial Disc: D-7

The final disc in our trilogy of aural terror! Mysterious & dark; aggression set to music; road rage on CD.  Confine exposure of this disc to a limited area or prepare for some serious psychotherapy.

Rock Disc: D-8

Guitar, bass & drums are the three key ingredients to D-8; from “Album Oriented Rock” to “Alt Rock” this disc is tasty, grungy & heavy; the real deal is here; no machines.  Make sure the neighbors are away, so you can play this one loud.

Rocking Country  Disc: D-9

Sawdust floors, cold beer, pool tables and two to three hundred of your closest friends; D-9 has cues that will make you want to take your special honey out for a two-step at the local honky-tonk. So, put on your boots and wash the mud off the pick-up truck ‘cause “We’re going out tonight, Mary Lou!”

Techno Disc: D-10

From frantic, pulsing dance floor beats to lush, orchestral textures; D-10 adds a “Euro” feel to your project.  Thick strings washing over bass and drum loops; a soundtrack to the information age.

SFX Disc: D-11

Featuring sound effects ranging from a variety of atmospheres to cars, jet flybys, bullet impacts, laughs and glass clinks.

SFX Disc: D-12

Rounds out the sound effects for the D-frag Production Music Library with Cranes, glass break, car noises and office sounds.

Sounders/ Stagers Disc: D-13

With over 70 swooshes, drones, zaps and other promo effects giving you the power to image any production.

Sounders/ Stagers  Disc: D-14

An additional 70 plus sounders, stagers, and promo effects to enhance your productions.

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