The following list of Imaging Effect names and descriptions are the Sounders and Stagers found on the D-Frag Disc D14 “Sounders/Stagers”.

Track Name Description
Parcel Cut Description: Warbling and screaching interference. , Sweeper
Nitrus Oxide Description: Broken laser gun., Separator
Sack Man Description: Industrial swooshing and noises., Sweeper
Scrub Queen Description: Computer components bleeping and chirping followed by a laser blast., Sounder  Set
Lazer Lunch Description: Computer components bleeping and chirping., Sounder  Set
Red Gasp Description: Lucid ray gun blast., Sounder  Set
Lector Braun Description: The sound of control room failure; beeping; booming and ringing., Sounder  Set
Cyber Spin Description: Malfunctioning control board., Sounder  Set
Melt Down Description: Big mecnanical toaster oven., Sounder  Set
Mind Warp Description: Swooping synthesized frequencies; big hit., Sounder  Set
Cranium Krakker Description: Aquatic sounding synths; chaotic ambient noises into a rhythmic synth arrangement; sounds like underwater discovery. , Sounder  Set
Inter Poll Description: The big wind up followed by crashing sounds., Sounder  Set
Earth Bound Description: Three blasts fired followed by a tinny noise; reverse vortex., Sounder  Set
Juggernaut Description: One shot fired followed by a mellow reverse., Sounder  Set
Pitch Blade Description: Three shots fired followed by a high mid screeching noise., Separator
Xitos Loop Description: Booming explosion sound followed by a reverse symbol., Sweeper
Reep Doctor Description: Booming explosion sound followed by a reverse symbol., Sweeper
Master X Description: Booming explosion sound followed by a reverse symbol., Sweeper
Spy Spyder Description: A swishing noise followed by a direct hit., Sweeper
Frost Bite Description: Creepy unfamiliar area, possibly lost; good horror movie sounder., Sounder  Set
Dust Magnet Description: Grinding horror movie noises followed by synth frequencies., Sounder  Set
Lock Down Description: Bubbly synth frequencies followed by a big percussive synth hit., Sounder  Set
Plate Spinner Description: Two distorted beeping hits; whistling synth; big splash., Sounder  Set
Two Stroke Description: Whistling frequencies., Sounder  Set
Memory Hog Description: Computer gibberish., Sounder  Set
Stone Cold Description: Cosmic torpedo and laser sound., Sounder  Set
X-Dry Description: Sounds of a solar battle., Sounder  Set
Cat Walker Description: Laser blast., Punctuator
Ram Rod Description: Rappid laser blasts., Separator
Silicon Teaser Description: Speeder bike zooming by., Stager
Warning Signal Description: Digitized record scratching., Drone
Jax Napper Description: Digitized record scratching followed by a big synth hit., Sounder  Set
Kap Dep Description: Digitized record scratching., Stager
Radical Fat Description: Popping noise; droning and buzzing synth; transparent cosmic sounds., Sounder  Set
Ming Wo Description: Zipping and ripping noise., Sounder  Set
Hard Candy Description: Screeching static noise; computer beeping; more static noise., Sounder  Set
Bottle Mad Description: Sucking electronical components through a straw., Sounder  Set
Cellular Hot Description: Sucking electronical components through a straw., Sounder  Set
Gap Blast Description: Searing metallic noise., Punctuator
Intelligent Frog Description: Building cosmic wind accompanied by some bobbling noises., Sounder  Set
Media Case Description: Dirty buzzing and crunching., Separator
Yes Bar Description: Dirty buzzing and crunching., Separator
Cassis Description: Building energy shield buzzing noise., Drone
Extra Bar Description: Building cosmic swell followed synth buzz., Drone
En-Zime Description: Swooshing; creaking and rattling sounds., Sounder  Set
Wavy Horse Description: Synth hit; computer noises., Sounder  Set
Alien Landing Description: Searing laser sounds followed by whistling noise into a synth hit., Sounder  Set
Cosmic Blanket Description: Cosmic clanking and clattering., Sounder  Set
Spaceship Mechanic Description: Psychotic cosmic swooshing and whining followed by industrial noises., Sounder  Set
Green Talk Description: Psychotic cosmic swooshing and whining followed by industrial noises.; synth hit., Sounder  Set
Slicing Metal Description: Cosmic swooshing followed by nasty buzzing analog synth., Sounder  Set
Laser Ass Description: Reverse swoosh; swelling synth tones., Sounder  Set
Laser Punch Description: Shuttering and punching laser sounds., Stager
Turbo Shaft Description: Synth hit; undulating winds noises; sonic wave build. Sounder/Stager, Sounder  Set
Vibrate Me Description: Screeching and twisted blowing wind accompanied by buzzing synth undertones., Sounder  Set
Green Injection Description: Grumbling spacey synth noises., Sounder  Set
Head Scan Description: Synth Hit; droning underlying synth patern., Sweeper
Partical Dust Description: Static ridden netherworld sound., Sounder  Set
Laser Shaft Description: Rhythmic synth pattern; electronic whirling tail., Sounder  Set
Radio Rocket Description: Crashing and malfunctioning spacecraft., Sounder  Set
Buzz Cut Description: Electronic surge of energy., Drone
Frequency Battle Description: Time traveling wormhole., Sounder  Set
Cake Eater Description: Three hits; spacecraft comming in for a landing., Sounder  Set
 Thin Man Description: Reverse water flow; going down the drainpipe., Sweeper
Cosmic Conversation Description: Blasting gamma ray., Sweeper
Radio Scan Description: Zipping and whistling along with some other miscellaneous sound fx., Sounder  Set
Martian Landing Description: Nauseating and unsettling grinding noise; swooshing and whistling sounds.  , Sounder  Set
 Cargo Hold Description: Loose and clanking spacecraft parts; borderline falling apart., Sounder  Set
Warp Thrust Description: Swooshing hit followed by buzzing noise; glassy tail., Sounder  Set
Energy Shield Description: Energy shield powers on., Sounder  Set
Re-Entry Description: Intergalactic reentry from hyperspace. , Sounder  Set
Galactic Train Description: Strange sloshing noises; single ringing bell; doodling electric piano., Sounder  Set
Cosmic Vanishing Description: Shimmering and fragile sounds., Sounder  Set
Shock Talk Description: Alien being talk., Sounder  Set

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