CBS On-Air Promos used TunEdge Production Music in a recent Criminal Minds Beyond Borders promo.  Criminal Minds Beyond Borders is a police crime series that airs on CBS Network.  The TV series is a spin-off of the series by the same name called Criminal Minds.  The series follows a team of elite FBI agents who are in charge of solving cases involving american citizens on international soil.

Criminal Minds Beyond Borders

The TunEdge Music Library has a huge selection of music ideal for On-Air TV promos of all sorts.  Whether it is a crime series like Criminal Minds or a comedy like 2 Broke Girls we have what your looking for.  Having already been used in over 100 TV show On-Air Promos anyone can see that TunEdge is a established proven source for On-Air Promo music in the broadcast industry.

If you are a producer or editor looking for music for your On-Air Promo then give TunEdge Music a call today at 800-279-0014 and ask to speak to one of our Music Consultants/ Music Supervisors who can help with a complimentary music search.