Great songs are more than just memorable hooks, catchy melodies, and good lyrics. Truly timeless songs also SOUND like ear candy, and reveal new characteristics with each repeated listening.

Cool article over on BMI’s website by Dave Simons that offers some tips on how to make your mixes stand out and be more distinctive. These tips include:

  1. Organization: Make your tracks manageable by creating subgroups, for example.
  2. Listening for frequency issues: Use EQ to ensure that instruments with similar or overlapping frequencies aren’t straining the listener’s ears.
  3. Flexibility: Consider employing different sounds or techniques for your mixes rather than adhering to a strict template.
  4. Take breaks: It’s always good to take breaks to get some perspective.
  5. Coloring: Little things like handclaps or a tambourine can spice up your tracks.
  6. Don’t overuse outboard gear: Compressors are nice, but you also want to let your tracks breathe.
  7. Revisit the classics: Listen to some of your favorite records for comparison and to spark some new ideas.