Happy Cinco De Mayo from Tunedge! To celebrate the upcoming holiday, we’ve put together amazing Cinco De Mayo music compositions to get your party going.

Here are some fun facts about the holiday:

Cinco de Mayo is Spanish for the Fifth of May, and it celebrates the Mexican victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla, which was on May 5, 1862. The Mexican Army won despite their lack of equipment. It is actually celebrated more in the United States than it is in Mexico. In Mexico, it is celebrated with many battle reenactments. The city of Chandler, Arizona celebrates the day with Chihuahua races. Two dogs are crowned the king and queen.

In honor of this special occasion, here are a few of our favorite fun tracks too:

Mambo For All – This upbeat track will be great for your next party or commercial.

Spanish Guitar Star – This track is a bit more romantic and laid back, and it is more of a guitar-heavy song, obviously.

Sancho Via – Another guitar track, but this one is a bit more lively.

Salsa and Chips – Another lively, upbeat song for your next commercial or trailer.

Somewhere Serenade – This one is heavy on the fast-paced Mexican-style guitar strumming.

Serenade for Two – This is a softer, more romantic guitar track.

White Cloud – This is a very sweet, softer track.

A Night in Brazil – This song is perfect for your next Carnivale that you would like to celebrate!

ANM Brass – This one is loads of fun! Enjoy the horns.

Eye Chiwawa – This one will really get you moving with the upbeat pace.

Spice Up The Night – Another great one to dance to.

The Most – This one would make a great, modern-style tango.

A Walk in Brazil – Another great party anthem. Enjoy the hip beat and move your hips to it!

Chips and Salsa – Very similar to Salsa and Chips. This is also a fun, upbeat song with a bit more horns.

Evil Twin – Get your body movin’ with this horn-heavy, guitar-laden song.

Margarita Fun – This is a fun song, but still fairly laid back. It would make great background music for a song or commercial.

Enjoy your Cinco de Mayo, and call Tunedge for all of your music licensing needs.