Christmas Music Already?  There is nothing worse than walking into the store this time of year to find Christmas trinkets displayed on the shelves way too early. If your like me it ruins the holiday.

So, why am I talking about Christmas already?  Believe it or not, many of us in production start producing those Christmas spot and videos now.

Christmas Music Already?

Christmas Music Already? – TunEdge Christmas Music

“Wow, I wasn’t aware TunEdge Music has such a huge selection of Christmas Music!”  Would you believe, I hear that time and time again this time of year?  Those of us, editors, producers and music supervisors don’t really think about Christmas until it is time to start producing again.  So, I have put together the playlist below that features 5 highlight montages of Christmas Music from the TunEdge Production Music Library.

Christmas Music Already? – Is There More?

Yes! TunEdge Music has much, much more Christmas Music than is highlighted in the montages above.  So, if you are starting your Christmas video productions give us a call at 800-279-0014 and ask to speak with one of our Music Supervisors.  Our Music Supervisors can give you a free username and password so you can login and search the entire catalog of Christmas Music.  And of course, all the Production Music in the TunEdge Music Library can be licensed.