A recent CBS Mom Promo Used TunEdge Music.   ‘Mom’ is a sitcom about a dysfunctional daughter Christy Plunkett and her mother Bonnie Plunkett.  The show stars  Anna Faris and Allison Janney in the lead roles of the mother and daughter.  The series ‘Mom’ premiered back in September of 2013 and has won several awards since it’s inception.  In 2014 the show won the Critics’ Choice Television Award and the Primetime Emmy Award.  Following in 2015 the show again won Critics’ Choice Television Award and the Primetime Emmy Award.

CBS Mom Promo Used TunEdge

Besides the CBS Mom Promo Used TunEdge.  CBS On-Air Promos has used Production Music from the TunEdge Production Music Library for other promos.  These promos include shows TV Sitcoms like; Life In Pieces, The Big Bang Theory, Mike & Molly and 2 Broke Girls.  Other promos include Crime Drams like; NCIS: New Orleans and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.  TunEdge Production Music has even been used in recent Game Show promos for ‘The Price Is Right’.

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