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Halloween Production Music in “Zombie Nightmare”

Brandon D’Amore Productions recently created the movie below “Zombie Nightmare” using Halloween Production Music licensed from the TunEdge Music Library.  Zombie Nightmare is a musical zombie short film.  What makes this film unique is it relies heavily on the Halloween Production Music to tell the story and create and carry the mood of horror throughout the [...]

What Does Adult Comedy Sitcom Music Sound Like?

What does Adult Comedy Sitcom Music sound like?  Well the TunEdge Music Library has a wide selection of Adult Comedy Sitcom Music available for licensing.  Below you can view and listen to a sample of the Adult Comedy Sitcom Production Music you will find in the TunEdge Online Production Music Catalog. When listening to [...]

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Fun And Funky Music

Everyone loves Fun and Funky Music.  There is nothing like a few good horns and some funky guitar riffs to brighten your day.  The Fun and Funky Production Music in the video below features just a few of the Fun and Funky Music tracks you can find in the TunEdge Production Music Catalog. These [...]

Where can I find Patriotic Production Music?

The third track "The Power Of Patriot" of the May Production Music update montage is a great example of just one of the many Patriotic Production Music tracks you can find in the TunEdge Production Music Catalog. The is May montage also features, Dramatic News Production Music, Commercial Retail Production Music, Dance Production Music, [...]

April Monthly Update Production Music Montage

If you never got a chance to listen to the April Production Music update montage take a listen to some of the great Production Music available for Synchronization Licensing from TunEdge Music. This montage features genres of, Electro-Rock Production Music, Country Production Music, Pop Production Music, Commercial Retail Production Music, Lounge Production Music, Hard [...]

Music for all your Christmas and Holiday Productions

When your looking for Christmas or Holiday Production Music for any of your Holiday productions, TunEdge Music Services has what you're looking for.  With the every expanding selections of well over 900 tracks, with more Christmas Production Music updates coming in 2013, you won't want for selection and versatility in your Holiday Production Music with [...]

International Production Music

  TunEdge Music Services has a large selection of International Production Music.  The following montage is just a sample of the International Production Music you can find in the TunEdge Production Music Catalog. This montage features Middle Eastern Production Music, Hawaiian Production Music, Latin Production Music, Spanish Production Music, Ethnic Production Music, Tribal Production [...]

Christmas and New Years Production Music

This is the second montage of just some of the hundreds of tracks of Christmas Production Music and New Years Production Music you can find in the TunEdge Production Music Catalog. This montage features Lite Christmas Production Music, Childish Christmas Production Music, Cheerful Christmas Production Music, Traditional Christmas Production Music, Rock Christmas Production Music, Country Christmas Production Music, Festive Christmas Production [...]

Holiday Production Music for your Christmas Commercials and Promos

This Holiday Production Music montage is the first in a series of three Christmas Production Music montages that feature just a few of the over 900 Holiday Production Music tracks you will find in the TunEdge Production Music Catalog. The tracks in this montage range from Country Holiday Production Music, Rock Holiday Production Music, [...]

March Production Music Update

If you haven't checked out the March Production Music updates then take a listen.  These updates feature Commercial Retail Production Music tracks, Lite Commercial Retail, Country, Dramatic News Themes, Aggressive Sports Rock and more. All of these tracks are available for Synchronization Licensing through TunEdge Music Services.  You can find more Production Music in [...]