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All the music, sound effects and imaging work-parts that can be found in the TunEdge Production Music Catalog.

Tunedge Partners With Eventworks4D

With all of us spending the last year in lockdown and quarantine due to the pandemic, there's a lot of information and misinformation circulating about the virus. Tunedge has partnered with Eventworks4D for a COVID 19 Kiosk video. Eventworks bills itself as a leader in "holographic event technology. Eventworks has produced holographic presentations for the [...]

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How to Break Bad Songwriting Habits

Bad habits: we all have them. Hygiene, diet, not taking care of ourselves--the older we get, the more we realize how detrimental these bad habits can be. But bad habits can also spill over into our professional lives--in this instance, songwriting. There's a great new piece over at Soundfly about how to break bad songwriting [...]

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Non Fungible Tokens in the Music Business: A Primer

Lately, with cryptocurrencies and blockchains dominating financial news headlines, another term has sprung up that has people scratching their collective heads: NFT's, or Non Fungible Tokens. In the music business specifically, Grimes recently raised eyebrows when she sold $6 million worth of digital art as NFT's, and Forbes ran an article about the largest NFT [...]

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Tunedge Has You….Covered

According to Wikipedia, the term "cover" goes back decades when a cover version originally described a rival version of a tune recorded to compete with the recently released (original) version. It’s so much more than that however!  A brief breakdown of terminology is in order as there are at least a couple different types of [...]

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Chill Out with Tunedge on Spotify

Are you on Spotify? Tunedge is! Come chill out with us on Spotify, featuring music pulled directly from the Tunedge artist portal. Whether you're looking for Peaceful Harmony, Yoga Spirit, Azure, Mindful Motion, or Enlightened Meditation, our Spotify playlists will instantly bring some peace, tranquility, and relaxation into your life. Not only is this music [...]

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March 2021 “Discover New Music” Montage

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kg8tDVbM6NM The Tunedge Music Portal “Artist Top 5” is a selection of the top 5 songs badged by the Tunedge Music Portal. Our staff judges all songs accepted and badged into the Tunedge Music Portal, and by majority vote we select the 5 top songs to be featured in the “Artist Top 5” montage. This [...]

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Earlier today, The Guild of Music Supervisors announced their official nominees for this years GMS awards! The 2021 awards show will take place virtually on April 11th. Here is the full list of nominees: FILM Best Music Supervision for Film Budgeted Over $25 Million Jonathan Leahy (“Bill & Ted Face The Music”)Becky Bentham  (“Eurovision”)Julia Michels [...]

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Socially Distanced Songwriting in the Time of COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic brought the music industry to a grinding halt, forcing musicians--and specifically, songwriters--to come up with new, efficient ways to collaborate for writing and recording. Fortunately, with the amazing technology at our fingertips, songwriters are adapting to the challenge of social distancing, including: Utilization of file-sharing sites like Disco or DropBox to send [...]

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The Future of ASCAP and BMI Consent Decrees

Last month, the Justice Department decided not to modify consent decrees that controls how music is licensed through ASCAP and/or BMI. The chief of the Antitrust Division, Makan Delrahim, said there was a "lack of consensus" among stakeholders in the industry. The consensus was determined via a workshop hosted by the DOJ last summer. Artists [...]

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