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All the music, sound effects and imaging work-parts that can be found in the TunEdge Production Music Catalog.

Don’t Be the April Fool – Music Licensing Tips for Spring Events

Springtime is here, and so are lots of cool new production jobs! One of the main reasons Spring is such a popular time of year for video production is the beautiful weather. Nature is in bloom and the sun is shining. In many parts of the United States, the frost is thawing and people are [...]

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Breaking Hearts & Buying Love: Valentine’s Day Promo Music

So, with the big V-Day upon us, it’s likely you’ve been contracted to do a Valentine’s Day promo of some kind. Maybe it’s a television commercial, or an an after-school special video for a school production. Whatever the end goal, you’ll need some Valentine’s Day or romance-related music licensing to get your promo to the [...]

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Straight from the Source: An Interview with BMI’s David Levin

Last year, BMI took some time to interview their Vice President of Digital licensing, David Levin, regarding the changing scope of music licensing in the digital age. As you likely know well, BMI is a powerhouse in the music industry, connecting the music creators with the businesses that want to utilize their music and -- [...]

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Television Music: From Cartoons to Reality

What’s your favorite television program? Is it a drama, comedy, cartoon or reality series? Now, really take a moment and think about your favorites scenes from that show. How different would they be if the soundtrack changed? It’s likely that the entire message would be lost if the music was drastically altered. This is why [...]

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Marketing Promos & Music Licensing for the Holidays

It’s official! The holiday season is here! Now, whether that brings you delight or angst, it still doesn’t hasten its arrival. Are you ready for the holiday shopping madness? More importantly, do you have music licensing for your holiday-related productions? This is the time of year when your television is oversaturated with tons of commercials [...]

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