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Kara DioGuardi: Songwriter, Publisher, Performer, Mentor, Producer, TV Personality, Philanthropist–How Does She Do It All?

Kara DioGuardi has carved out an incredible career in the music industry. She has collaborated with artists like Miley Cyrus, Pink, and Carrie Underwood; she owns her own publishing company, Arthouse Entertainment; and also started her own nonprofit called Inspired Nation; and DioGuardi is a Grammy and Emmy-nominated writer. She is a 2011 NAMM Music [...]

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Tunedge Portal “Artist Top 5” for the Month of July 2021

Tunedge Portal Artist Top 5 Tunedge would like to congratulate the following new artists in making it into the Tunedge Music Portal “Artist Top 5” for the month of July 2021!  The Tunedge Top 5 is determined based on a tally of votes by peer artists and top music industry professionals.   The Tunedge “Artist Top [...]

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Why Are IPI’s So Important?

As a songwriter or composer, an IPI number may not be something you've thought is super important--or maybe it's not even on your radar. So let's change that! If you're unfamiliar, an IPI (or Interested Party Information) number is assigned to songwriters and publishers by their Performing Rights Organization (PRO) to uniquely identify them as international rights holders. [...]

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Happy Birthday Ringo!!

The world's most famous drummer, Ringo Starr, turned 81 this week. Ringo's life and career are the stuff of legend--he is arguably the person who inspired more people to want to play drums than anyone else in rock and roll history. Let's take a look at some of his incredible career highlights: He was appointed [...]

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Creating “Mixes that Matter”

Great songs are more than just memorable hooks, catchy melodies, and good lyrics. Truly timeless songs also SOUND like ear candy, and reveal new characteristics with each repeated listening. Cool article over on BMI's website by Dave Simons that offers some tips on how to make your mixes stand out and be more distinctive. These [...]

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Is YouTube Still the Enemy for Music? Was It Ever?

When YouTube first arrived in 2006, people flocked to the site to watch videos of cats, babies, and stunts gone awry, and, in those early days--no one imagined that YouTube would, and could, eventually upend the entire music business. Since the, YouTube and record labels have existed in what could best be described as an [...]

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Repetition in Songwriting: Too Much, or Not Enough?

Songwriting is a mysterious process that many have tried to explain. Sometimes songs arrive fully formed in the composer's head--other times, they can take years to develop. Repetition is an important element in many successful songs--it hooks the listener with a phrase, lyric, or musical idea that creates a melodic, lyrical, or rhythmic connection both [...]

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The New Impending Copyright Crisis for the Music Business

The advent of streaming has no doubt mostly been a positive development for the music industry, allowing consumers and music fans to stay connected to the artists and songs they love with the click of a few buttons, while simultaneously combating piracy. But another nascent threat looms on the horizon, in much the same way [...]

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