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Sports Music plays an important role that ranges from theme music to background music it can also be commercial teases, re-joins, and special promotions. Each sport has it’s own sound. Like American Football that is reminiscent of gladiator music. This music is has Big fanfares, triumphant, glorious and dramatic it features mostly orchestral arrangements and also can include high-bred of Rock and Orchestral sounds.

Baseball is solid middle of the road rock. The rock music is not too heavy or dark and it is always positive and driving. Genres good for Baseball are Alternative Pop, Hot Country, and Pop Rock.

Auto-racing, such as NASCAR utilized, Heavy Rock, Southern Rock and Hot Country.

Extreme Sports like the X-Games, utilize very Heavy Rock, Ska, Skate Punk and some Reggae.

Basketball is an eclectic group of music. With Basketball the music can range from Hip-Hop to Orchestral, Pop, Hip-Hop Orchestral,and some Rock music.

Golf music, mainly use Smooth Jazz, Lite Pop and Regal Orchestral music.

International – Rock – Trailer – Hip Hop – Sports – Corporate April Updates

TunEdge Music Library is releasing all new songs in the following genres in April; International Production Music, Rock Production Music, Trailer Production Music, Hip Hop Production Music, Sports Production Music and Corporate Production Music.  Below is the montage featuring these updates. Just a reminder that in the majority of updates from TunEdge Music starting in [...]


In producing sports entertainment programming, music plays an important role that ranges from theme music to background music, commercial teases, re-joins, and special promotions.  In general, each sport has it’s own unique sound.  The TunEdge Music Sports Promo Catalog covers the complete variety of music used in sports entertainment programming.  Below are our GAMEDAY video Montages [...]

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Big Band Swing, Basa Nova, Country Swamp, Action Adventure

The TunEdge Production Music Library has new Production Music updates coming out in the following genres and styles in August: Big Band Swing Production Music, Lounge Production Music, Basa Nova Production Music, Country Swamp Production Music, Drama Action Production Music, Drama Adventure Production Music, Hard Rock Production Music and Extreme Sports Production Music. If [...]

Extreme Sports Music and St. Patrick’s Day Music

Less then an week until the party starts in pubs across the country celebrating St. Patrick's Day.  If you are looking for Production Music for your St. Patrick's Day video productions then check out the music TunEdge Music has available for Synchronization License in the video montage below. Also out today is a new [...]

You Can Find Sports Rock And Rockabilly Blues Production Music At TunEdge

If you missed the TunEdge Music updates from February 11th then take a listen below to the Production Music updates you missed.  These tracks cover such genres as Sports Rock Production Music and Rockabilly Blues Production Music as well as Imaging Effects. Heavy Ass Drumline Heavy Ass Drumline - Full Version  (Description: Hard, Heavy, Edgy, Gritty, Aggressive, Bold, Confident, Building, [...]

Where Can I Find Aggressive Hard Rock Sports Production Music?

If you happened to miss the new Production Music tracks that came out in the TunEdge Production Music Library yesterday then take a listen to samples of each below. Broke By 30 Broke By 30 - Full Version (Description: Dramatic, Bold, Aggressive, Determined, Heavy, Hard, Masculine, Edgy, Gritty, Action, Sports, Headlines, Proud, Film & TV - Action, Rock [...]

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Where To Find Bluegrass – Blues – Sports Production Music

More great Production Music released today by TunEdge Production Music Library.  These tracks cover genres like Bluegrass Production Music, Sports Production Music, Blues Production Music and Imaging FX. Out To The Island Out To The Island - Full Version (Description:Bouncy, Light, Happy, Carefree, Whimsical, Bright, Sunshine, Pulsing, Optimistic, Earthy, Bluegrass, Comedy - Jazz, Jazz - Dixieland) All Of The Keys All [...]

Extreme Sports Production Music

Out today, Extreme Sports Production Music.  As with most Extreme Sports Production Music this track features driving, gritty electric guitars.  This hard edge aggressive track is extreme just like Extreme Sports Production Music requires.  Listen to a sixty second Full version of this song below. Your Attention Please Your Attention Please (Description: Trailer, Building, Dramatic, Edgy, Gritty, [...]