Rock – Classic Rock Music

//Rock - Classic Rock Music

Classic Rock music primarily focusing on hard rock and blues rock that has a sound that is reminiscent of popular rock songs played on the radio from the 1960’s through the 1980’s.

Where To Find Various Genres of Rock Production Music

Just out today, TunEdge Music has released various genres of Rock Production Music.  In these updates you will find Hard Rock Production Music, Classic Rock Production Music and Pop Rock Production Music.  Enjoy the samples of each below. Keep Them In the Cage Keep Them In the Cage - Full Version (Description: Thrashing, Dramatic, Bold, Aggressive, Determined, [...]

What is the D-Frag Production Music Library?

D-Frag Production Music Library is one of the first Production Music Libraries in the TunEdge Production Music Catalog.  With 14 CD's, D-Frag Production Music Library is the retro sounds of the 80's and 90's library featuring fresh, hot music, ranging from Hot Country to Rock, from Techno/Industrial to Jazz.  With music in the style of [...]

Where Can I Find Production Music? TunEdge Has Production Music For You!

TunEdge Production Music Library releases new music daily.  In the month of September TunEdge Music will be releasing new Production Music in just some of the following genres, Rock, Classic Rock, Retro-Rock, Pop Rock, Indie Rock, Dance, Rockin Country, Funk, Dubstep and Hip Hop.  Watch the Production Music update montage below to hear a sample [...]