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TunEdge Gets New Songs from Swag Candy Records

TunEdge Music just received 3 new songs from Swag Candy Records.  Summer [Dance] the first of these three songs is a Dubstep Hybrid Dance song that celebrates the summer vacation. Summer [Rock] is a Indie Pop Rock version of the the "Summer" song. Beast Mode is a hard hitting Hip Hop song that [...]

New Corporate, Hip Hop, Trailer and Rock Music in May

TunEdge Music has new Production Music coming out in May.  This month you will find new Corporate Production Music, Hip Hop Production Music, Trailer Production Music and Rock Production Music. To find more Production Music from TunEdge please visit us at or give us a call at 800-279-0014 to get access to our [...]

International – Rock – Trailer – Hip Hop – Sports – Corporate April Updates

TunEdge Music Library is releasing all new songs in the following genres in April; International Production Music, Rock Production Music, Trailer Production Music, Hip Hop Production Music, Sports Production Music and Corporate Production Music.  Below is the montage featuring these updates. Just a reminder that in the majority of updates from TunEdge Music starting in [...]

Stems Included! March Updates from TunEdge Music

TunEdge Music is pleased to announce that starting in 2015 virtually all updates will now include Stems.  If your asking yourself, "What are Stems?" let me explain.  Stems are the individual instruments/work-parts from a song isolated in a track by themselves.  Below you can hear the updates that will be coming out in March 2015. [...]

Rock, Hip Hop, Rock Drama April 2014 Update Montage

April has new Production Music updates coming out featuring a new Hip Hop Library "PHOP!"  Besides the Hip Hop Production Music you will hear, Rock Production Music, Rock Drama Production Music, Pop Rock Production Music and Rock Orchestral Hybrid Production Music.  Listen to the April update montage below. For information about getting a Synchronization [...]

Imaging Effects, Rock Stabs and Dramatic Rock Production Music

If you missed this weeks Production Music updates take a listen below to the Imaging Effects, Rock Stabs, Patriotic and Dramatic Rock Production Music. CK4001_18_Scrape CK - 4001 - 18 (Description: Metallic ion shield. Separator, Sweeper) CK4001_17_Scrape CK - 4001 - 17 (Description: Tranquil tone wash. Separator, Sweeper) Cloverleaf Cloverleaf (Description: Rock Shell, Classic Rock Shell, Punk rock style stab, Rock, Rock - [...]

Extreme Sports Music and St. Patrick’s Day Music

Less then an week until the party starts in pubs across the country celebrating St. Patrick's Day.  If you are looking for Production Music for your St. Patrick's Day video productions then check out the music TunEdge Music has available for Synchronization License in the video montage below. Also out today is a new [...]

Imaging Effects – Western and Rock Stabs

TunEdge Music has new Imaging Effects, Western Music and Rock Stab Music that has recently been released.  To hear samples of these Production Music tracks, listen below.  If you need help with a music search give one of our Music Supervisors a call at 800-279-0014. Ravioli Western Ravioli Western - Full Version (Description: Melodic, Spaghetti Western, Grim, [...]

Where to find Sports Production Music, Funk Production Music and Imaging Effect

If you missed any of the TunEdge Production Music Library updates over the last two days, take a listen to what you have missed below.  Sports Production Music, Funk Production Music and Imaging Effects.  Most of these tracks come in various lengths and Full and Reduced Version. Danger On The 94th Floor Danger On The 94th Floor [...]