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Reality TV utilizes many genres of music but across many of these genres it usually con-vases tension, despair, and mischief-us moods.

Reality House Wife’s Music

If you are looking for music for Reality TV then check our our Reality House Wife's montage which is genre specific to Reality House Wife's.  This montage is stylized by lite fluffy, playful suspense, sneaky fun and more. To hear more Production Music from the TunEdge Music library visit our YouTube Channel or give [...]

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Drama and Mischief Reality TV Montage

We have just posted a 5 /12 minute montage of just some of the great Reality TV music you can find in the TunEdge catalog.  This sample of production music's focus is on the Reality TV genres of Drama and Mischief.  You can hear hearfelt, suspensful, lite action and comedic themes.  Take a listen [...]