Monthly Update Montage

/Monthly Update Montage

These montages are the updates that have been released in the TunEdge Production Music Catalog in any given month of the year.

October Surprise

With the United States Presidential elections getting dirty everyone is expecting an October Surprise.  Due to the craziness of the election so far no one knows what to expect.  Rather than hit you with a  surprise this October TunEdge Music is remaining consistent by releasing more great Production Music. No October Surprise from TunEdge TunEdge Music [...]

September New Production Music

Where has the summer is gone? So, believe it, tomorrow the September New Production Music are releasing in the TunEdge Music Library?  First of all, you know TunEdge never lets our Production Music get old.  Second, as usual you can find alternate versions as well as stems in our new releases. September New Production Music - Video Highlight [...]

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New Production Music Coming in August

August is coming in a few days and TunEdge Production Music Library has new releases of Production Music virtually every day of the month.  In the August Production Music new releases you can hear genres like; Latin Production Music, Corporate Production Music, Country Production Music, Reality TV Production Music, Hip Hop Production Music, Commercial Production Music, [...]

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International – Rock – Trailer – Hip Hop – Sports – Corporate April Updates

TunEdge Music Library is releasing all new songs in the following genres in April; International Production Music, Rock Production Music, Trailer Production Music, Hip Hop Production Music, Sports Production Music and Corporate Production Music.  Below is the montage featuring these updates. Just a reminder that in the majority of updates from TunEdge Music starting in [...]

Stems Included! March Updates from TunEdge Music

TunEdge Music is pleased to announce that starting in 2015 virtually all updates will now include Stems.  If your asking yourself, "What are Stems?" let me explain.  Stems are the individual instruments/work-parts from a song isolated in a track by themselves.  Below you can hear the updates that will be coming out in March 2015. [...]

Rock Stabs and Hip Hop Highlight Montage

TunEdge Music has it's January 2015 updates coming out now.  These updates feature quick Rock Stabs ideal for transitions that need energy with a kick. Also found in these updates of Production Music from the TunEdge Music Library are Hip Hop Music tracks that range from smooth and sexy to hard, dirty and nasty.  Listen [...]

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December Updates – Western – New Orleans (Mardi Gras) – Hip Hop and Rock Music

TunEdge Production Music Library ends the year with a strong eclectic group of music from the Western Production Music, New Orleans (Mardi Gras) Production Music, Hip Hop Production Music and Rock Production Music genres.  Listen to the following video montage to hear these updates. If you need help finding Production Music for your next [...]

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Hip Hop, Tango, Wedding, Rock, Dubstep and Sports Music

TunEdge Music has a variety of new music in November.  You will hear new music in the following genres: Hip Hop Production Music, Tango Production Music, Wedding Production Music, Rock Production Music, Dubstep Production Music and Sports Production Music. If you need help finding Production Music for your next project give us a call at [...]

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Reggae, Island, Classical, Tango, Dubstep, Hip Hop, Reality TV – Mischief Production Music – Halloween Zombie Nightmare

In October you will hear the release of new Production Music in the following genres: Reggae, Island, Classical, Tango, Dub-step, Hip Hop, Reality TV – Mischief, Magic and Wonder, Corporate –Informative and Reality TV.  Below is a highlight montage of these updates. If you need help finding music for your next video project give [...]