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Imaging Effects can consist of many different audio types; Drones, Sounders, Stagers, Impacts, Punctuators, Separator, Sweeper and Musical Stabs. All help in either a transition or to accentuate a audio or visual element.

Where Can I Find Trailer Imaging Effects?

TunEdge Music has thousands of Trailer Imaging FX in the TunEdge Catalog. The Trailer Imaging FX in the catalog cover the following genres; Risers, Drones, Sweeps, Impacts, Hits, Sounders and Stagers.  Enjoy the following video montage of just a few of the Trailer Imaging FX available with TunEdge Music. If you would like information [...]

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Imaging Effects, Rock Stabs and Dramatic Rock Production Music

If you missed this weeks Production Music updates take a listen below to the Imaging Effects, Rock Stabs, Patriotic and Dramatic Rock Production Music. CK4001_18_Scrape CK - 4001 - 18 (Description: Metallic ion shield. Separator, Sweeper) CK4001_17_Scrape CK - 4001 - 17 (Description: Tranquil tone wash. Separator, Sweeper) Cloverleaf Cloverleaf (Description: Rock Shell, Classic Rock Shell, Punk rock style stab, Rock, Rock - [...]

Dub Step Music and Imaging Effects

Today TunEdge Music Library released a new Dub Step Production Music track and several Imaging Effects.  Listen below! Step Aside Step Aside - Full Version (Description: World, Global, Electro, Dubstep, Ethnic, Gritty, Hard, Heavy, Exotic, Bouncy, Futuristic, Gamer, Drama - Mystery, Electronic - Electro, Sports - Extreme Sports) CK4001_15_Scrape CK - 4001 - 15 (Description: Ship passing through portal. Punctuator, [...]

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Imaging Effects – Western and Rock Stabs

TunEdge Music has new Imaging Effects, Western Music and Rock Stab Music that has recently been released.  To hear samples of these Production Music tracks, listen below.  If you need help with a music search give one of our Music Supervisors a call at 800-279-0014. Ravioli Western Ravioli Western - Full Version (Description: Melodic, Spaghetti Western, Grim, [...]

Where to find Sports Production Music, Funk Production Music and Imaging Effect

If you missed any of the TunEdge Production Music Library updates over the last two days, take a listen to what you have missed below.  Sports Production Music, Funk Production Music and Imaging Effects.  Most of these tracks come in various lengths and Full and Reduced Version. Danger On The 94th Floor Danger On The 94th Floor [...]

You Can Find New Comedic Production Music and Imaging Effects

Just released yesterday you can find a new Comedic Production Music track as well as Imaging Effects.  Sample the Full Version of the Comedic Production Music track below. Silent Movie Tricks Silent Movie Tricks (Description: Melodic, Quirky, Whimsical, Bouncy, Circus, Comedic, Cartoon, Children, Light, Happy, Fun, Comedy - Polka , Film & TV - Cartoon) CK4001_09_Scrape CK - 4001 [...]

Find New Dramatic Trailer, 1950’s, Dance Music and Imaging Effects

Tuesday TunEdge Music Library released Dramatic Trailer Production Music, 1950's Production Music, Dance Production Music and Imaging Effects.  Below or samples of each. The Power Of Pure Steel The Power Of Pure Steel - Full Version (Description: Building, Cinematic, Dramatic, Suspense, Action, Adventure, Trailer, Tension, Determined, Drama - Suspense, Film & TV - Epic, Trailer) Berry Burns [...]

TripQ Disc Q102 – Rock – World – Acoustic

The following list of names and descriptions are the Production Music tracks and Imaging Effects found on TripQ Disc Q102 “Rock, World, Acoustic ".     Track Name                          Description Gravel Full Version, Driving Style, Guitar as main instrument. Medium Tempo, Description: Flanged out guitars; pungent rock riffs; in the style of Godly and Smacking metal [...]

TripQ Disc Q101 – 2 Step Hip-Hop & House

The following list of names and descriptions are the Production Music tracks and Imaging Effects found on TripQ Disc Q101 "2 Step Hip-Hop & House".     Track Name                          Description Lap Dance Full Version, Laid Back Style, Keyboard - Clavinet as main instrument. Medium - Fast Tempo, Description: Laid back,hypnotic, drum & bass sytle Hip-Hop [...]