Halloween Music

//Halloween Music

The Halloween genre can range from lite, festive, and fun music to music with dark undertones that are spooky, scary, suspenseful and frighting.

Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity is a new collection for Production Music from the TunEdge Music Library.  So, when you are looking for Production Music now there is another genre to add to the list from TunEdge.  If you fright easily then think twice before listening to the highlight montage below. Paranormal Activity - Video Montage While you [...]

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Reggae, Island, Classical, Tango, Dubstep, Hip Hop, Reality TV – Mischief Production Music – Halloween Zombie Nightmare

In October you will hear the release of new Production Music in the following genres: Reggae, Island, Classical, Tango, Dub-step, Hip Hop, Reality TV – Mischief, Magic and Wonder, Corporate –Informative and Reality TV.  Below is a highlight montage of these updates. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LX9_voOtIqw If you need help finding music for your next video project give [...]

Hip Hop Halloween Production Music

Going back a few days in the blog you can hear scary, horror, suspenseful Halloween Production Music in the Brandon's Zombie Nightmare video.  On Fridays Blog we posted some samples of Fun, Wacky, humorous Halloween Production Music.  Today I though I would post 3 samples of Hip Hop Halloween Production Music. Halloween Trick or Beat Halloween [...]

Halloween Production Music in “Zombie Nightmare”

Brandon D’Amore Productions recently created the movie below “Zombie Nightmare” using Halloween Production Music licensed from the TunEdge Music Library.  Zombie Nightmare is a musical zombie short film.  What makes this film unique is it relies heavily on the Halloween Production Music to tell the story and create and carry the mood of horror throughout the [...]