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Hip Hop Music is music that is characterized by rhythmic music, often having large bass beats.

TunEdge Gets New Songs from Swag Candy Records

TunEdge Music just received 3 new songs from Swag Candy Records.  Summer [Dance] the first of these three songs is a Dubstep Hybrid Dance song that celebrates the summer vacation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFH15ThDxFY Summer [Rock] is a Indie Pop Rock version of the the "Summer" song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGPRPQcZCcE Beast Mode is a hard hitting Hip Hop song that [...]

New Corporate, Hip Hop, Trailer and Rock Music in May

TunEdge Music has new Production Music coming out in May.  This month you will find new Corporate Production Music, Hip Hop Production Music, Trailer Production Music and Rock Production Music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hE3q8ks-p-Y To find more Production Music from TunEdge please visit us at http://tunedge.com or give us a call at 800-279-0014 to get access to our [...]

Stems Included! March Updates from TunEdge Music

TunEdge Music is pleased to announce that starting in 2015 virtually all updates will now include Stems.  If your asking yourself, "What are Stems?" let me explain.  Stems are the individual instruments/work-parts from a song isolated in a track by themselves.  Below you can hear the updates that will be coming out in March 2015. [...]

TripQ Disc Q102 – Rock – World – Acoustic

The following list of names and descriptions are the Production Music tracks and Imaging Effects found on TripQ Disc Q102 “Rock, World, Acoustic ".     Track Name                          Description Gravel Full Version, Driving Style, Guitar as main instrument. Medium Tempo, Description: Flanged out guitars; pungent rock riffs; in the style of Godly and Smacking metal [...]

New Funky Hip Hop Production Music

TunEdge Production Music Library has release the following track today. Cool Tea Cool Tea (Description: Ambient, Soulful, Bouncy, Cool, Slick, Laidback, Mellow, Groove, Funky, Electro, Confident, Ambient, Funk, Hip Hop - Beats, R&B) If you are looking for Production Music for your project, or have questions about getting a Synchronization License for the above track or any of [...]

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Hip Hop & Dance Production Music

Yesterday and today Hip Hop and Dance Production Music  was on this list for updates from the TunEdge Production Music Catalog take a listen to these great Dance Production Music and Hip Hop Production Music tracks. Fit The Body Fit The Body: (Description: Rhythmic, Rebellious, Dark, Pulsing, Extreme Sports, Groove, Confident, Bold, Action, Gritty, Electro, Tough, Hard, Hip Hop [...]

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Stowe Parks and Pipe uses TunEdge Production Music

This video created by Bearpond Productions features Production Music from the TunEdge Production Music Library and was created Stowe Mountain Resort.  It's a sick day in the parks and pipe with the Stowe Park Staff, MMSC, and UVM!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPhOQTwP--g This heavy, hip hop beat helps convey the cool, dangerous feel of riding the pipes at [...]

Where Can I Find Production Music? TunEdge Has Production Music For You!

TunEdge Production Music Library releases new music daily.  In the month of September TunEdge Music will be releasing new Production Music in just some of the following genres, Rock, Classic Rock, Retro-Rock, Pop Rock, Indie Rock, Dance, Rockin Country, Funk, Dubstep and Hip Hop.  Watch the Production Music update montage below to hear a sample [...]