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Film & TV Action, Horror, Suspense Production Music

The track released today would work in any of the three Production Music genres; Film & TV Action Production Music, Film & TV Horror Production Music or Film & TV Suspense Production Music. Two-Key Lock Two-Key Lock (Description: Sinister, Foreboding, Punchy, Pulsing, Edgy, Gritty, Driving, Determined, Tough, Rough, Masculine, Energetic, Positive, Progress, Sports, Aggressive, Hard, Heavy, Film & [...]

Where can I find a Trailer Riser and Film & TV Adventure Production Music?

If you are looking for Trailer Production Music or Film & TV Adventure Production Music then look no future than the TunEdge Production Music Catalog.  Just out today are two great examples of just some of the Trailer Production Music and Adventure Production Music you will find with TunEdge Music. The Candidate Rising The Candidate Rising [...]

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