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The Dubstep genres is an electronic sound with syncopated rhythms and wobble bass.

Dub Step Music and Imaging Effects

Today TunEdge Music Library released a new Dub Step Production Music track and several Imaging Effects.  Listen below! Step Aside Step Aside - Full Version (Description: World, Global, Electro, Dubstep, Ethnic, Gritty, Hard, Heavy, Exotic, Bouncy, Futuristic, Gamer, Drama - Mystery, Electronic - Electro, Sports - Extreme Sports) CK4001_15_Scrape CK - 4001 - 15 (Description: Ship passing through portal. Punctuator, [...]

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Halloween Production Music in “Zombie Nightmare”

Brandon D’Amore Productions recently created the movie below “Zombie Nightmare” using Halloween Production Music licensed from the TunEdge Music Library.  Zombie Nightmare is a musical zombie short film.  What makes this film unique is it relies heavily on the Halloween Production Music to tell the story and create and carry the mood of horror throughout the [...]

What does Dubstep sound like?

An increasing trend in the Film industry has been the use of Dubstep Production Music in movies and movie trailers.  Many Film Editors and Film Producers are discovering this sound, though it's origins date back to the late 1990's.   To help readers understand this unique sound that is usually syncopated and shuffled with wobble [...]

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