Drama – Action Music

//Drama - Action Music

Where Can I Get Super Hero Type Music For My Video?

Super Hero  movies dominate Hollywood now a day.  Some of these Super Hero’s are from comics and some are Hero’s from fiction novels.   The music from the TunEdge Production Music Library that falls under the Super Hero Music genre is stylized by its, action, drama, intense, driving, building, and suspenseful sounds.  This genre of music [...]

Big Band Swing, Basa Nova, Country Swamp, Action Adventure

The TunEdge Production Music Library has new Production Music updates coming out in the following genres and styles in August: Big Band Swing Production Music, Lounge Production Music, Basa Nova Production Music, Country Swamp Production Music, Drama Action Production Music, Drama Adventure Production Music, Hard Rock Production Music and Extreme Sports Production Music. http://youtu.be/oVjEtaO29wI If [...]