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Stems Included! March Updates from TunEdge Music

TunEdge Music is pleased to announce that starting in 2015 virtually all updates will now include Stems.  If your asking yourself, "What are Stems?" let me explain.  Stems are the individual instruments/work-parts from a song isolated in a track by themselves.  Below you can hear the updates that will be coming out in March 2015. [...]

Where Can I Get Super Hero Type Music For My Video?

Super Hero  movies dominate Hollywood now a day.  Some of these Super Hero’s are from comics and some are Hero’s from fiction novels.   The music from the TunEdge Production Music Library that falls under the Super Hero Music genre is stylized by its, action, drama, intense, driving, building, and suspenseful sounds.  This genre of music [...]

Big Band Swing, Basa Nova, Country Swamp, Action Adventure

The TunEdge Production Music Library has new Production Music updates coming out in the following genres and styles in August: Big Band Swing Production Music, Lounge Production Music, Basa Nova Production Music, Country Swamp Production Music, Drama Action Production Music, Drama Adventure Production Music, Hard Rock Production Music and Extreme Sports Production Music. http://youtu.be/oVjEtaO29wI If [...]

Find New Dramatic Trailer, 1950’s, Dance Music and Imaging Effects

Tuesday TunEdge Music Library released Dramatic Trailer Production Music, 1950's Production Music, Dance Production Music and Imaging Effects.  Below or samples of each. The Power Of Pure Steel The Power Of Pure Steel - Full Version (Description: Building, Cinematic, Dramatic, Suspense, Action, Adventure, Trailer, Tension, Determined, Drama - Suspense, Film & TV - Epic, Trailer) Berry Burns [...]

February 2014 Updates – Western – Rock – Drama – Imaging Effects – Dance And More!

February is full of new great music  covering Western Production Music, Rock Drama Production Music, Trailer Imaging Effects, Retro-Rock Production Music, Dance Production Music and Drama Suspense Production Music.  Below is our monthly video montage of February updates. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBEWSSLYlzg TunEdge Music has Synchronization Licenses available for all its music.  Also, if you need help finding Production [...]

Dance – Drama – Folk – Surf Production Music

This week 2013 came to a close and 2014 started anew.  TunEdge Production Music Library has fresh new tracks this week that cover Production Music genres like, Dance, Drama - Despair, Folk and Rock - Surf.  Here samples of these tracks below. Tonight at 11 Tonight at 11 - Full Version (Description: Energetic, Action, Anticipation, Pulsing, Rhythmic, Headlines, [...]

News – Military Production Music and Rock Stabs

Today, the TunEdge Production Music Library has released a new News - Military Production Music track and two Rock Stab Production Music tracks.  You can find these tracks in the TunEdge Production Music Catalog. West Point Cadet West Point Cadet - Full versions (Description: Melodic, Pulsing, Determined, Uplifting, Patriotic, Bold, Noble, Proud, Positive, Optimistic, Motivational, Inspirational, Bright, News - Military, Patriotic - [...]

Veterans Day Patriotic – Military Production Music and Rock Bumpers

Today, TunEdge Music has released Patriotic - Military Production Music in honor of Veterans.  Along with this Patriotic - Military Production Music are Rock Bumpers.  Below you will find the Full 60 second version of the Patriotic - Military Production Music, other versions are available. Please Believe Please Believe - Full (Description: Melodic, Determined, Flight, Warm, Emotions, Reflective, Resolution, Patriotic, [...]

Drama Production Music and Rock Stab Production Music

TunEdge Music has new Drama Production Music and Rock Stab Production Music out today.  Listen to the Full version of the Drama Production Music below. The Determined Few The Determined Few (Description: Melodic, Pulsing, Building, Determined, Pensive, Reflective, Resolution, Adventurous, Dramatic, Bold, Drama, Film & TV - Adventure, Film & TV - Drama) First Class First Class (Description: Rock Shell, [...]

Retro Rock Production Music and More – November Updates

If you are looking for Retro Rock Production Music, Holiday Production Music, Country Production Music or Drama Production Music look no further than the TunEdge Music November updates. http://youtube.com/watch?v=wAYBFOZHTGM Experience TunEdge Online Production Music Catalog to hear all the updates in their entirety as they release throughout November.  If you need information on getting a [...]