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The Customer Videos displays just a few of the hundreds of videos production monthly by TunEdge customers using the TunEdge Production Music Catalog.

Private Snowmobile Tours in Stowe, Vermont – Uses TunEdge Production Music

This is a video made by Bearpond Productions for Stowe Mountain Lodge using Production Music from the TunEdge Production Music Library. "Explore everything the Green Mountains have to offer on a private snowmobile tour. Stowe Mountain Lodge's Concierge introduces this one-of-a-kind experience for outdoor winter sports enthusiasts. Snowmobiling provides the chance to explore Vermont's snow-covered mountains and streams in a [...]

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Stand Up Paddleboarding at Stowe Mountain Lodge – Uses TunEdge Production Music

This is a video made by Bearpond Productions for Stowe Mountain Lodge using Production Music from the TunEdge Production Music Library. "Try something new during your summer vacation with stand up paddleboarding on the lake at Stowe Mountain Lodge. Choose your paddleboard adventure with packages that combine excitement and leisure, and offer a new way to view all of the [...]

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Your Chance to Fly on a Stowe Soaring Glider Tour – Uses TunEdge Production Music

Bearpond Productions has produced another video for Stowe Mountain Lodge using Production Music from the TunEdge Music Library. "Flying over the Green Mountains is an exhilarating way to experience Stowe. On your next Vermont getaway to Stowe Mountain Lodge, soar with Stowe Soaring, the premier soaring site in New England. Enjoy an unforgettable experience with highly experienced [...]

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Memorable Moonlight Snowshoe Tour & Yurt Dinner in Stowe, Vermont – TunEdge Production Music Used

Bearpond Productions used more Production Music from TunEdge Production Music Catalog for Stowe Mountain Lodge. "Plan a memorable winter vacation in Stowe, Vermont with help from Stowe Mountain Lodge's Alpine Concierge. Take a moonlight snowshoe tour under the deep blue Vermont sky and then enjoy hot chocolate and apple cider in front of a warm [...]

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Halloween Production Music in “Zombie Nightmare”

Brandon D’Amore Productions recently created the movie below “Zombie Nightmare” using Halloween Production Music licensed from the TunEdge Music Library.  Zombie Nightmare is a musical zombie short film.  What makes this film unique is it relies heavily on the Halloween Production Music to tell the story and create and carry the mood of horror throughout the [...]

Production Music for “High School Football Zone”

We recently received this email from a TunEdge Music customer regarding some Production Music they had used in a sales promo. "As we cover high school football in the Hilton Head, SC region each year, we made a sales promo to show advertisers what to expect for the 2013 season.  Here is the promo: [...]

Getting Ready for Winter 2011/2012 with Production from TunEdge Music

Bearpond Production's video for Stowe Mountain Resort.  "We are so amped for the upcoming season at Stowe Mountain Resort! This is just a little bit from last year's epic winter. Opening day is scheduled for Nov. 19th." Another example of Music for A Youtube Video Production.  This Production Music track is Lite, Hip Hop [...]

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Stowe Parks and Pipe uses TunEdge Production Music

This video created by Bearpond Productions features Production Music from the TunEdge Production Music Library and was created Stowe Mountain Resort.  It's a sick day in the parks and pipe with the Stowe Park Staff, MMSC, and UVM!! This heavy, hip hop beat helps convey the cool, dangerous feel of riding the pipes at [...]

East Coast Super Shoot uses TunEdge Production Music

Bearpond Productions created the following video featuring five action sport photographer's who battle it out over two days at Stowe Mountain Resort to create a slideshow presentation that will be judged for "the best in show" prize. This musical mood for this video is created by the use of Production Music from the TunEdge [...]

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