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The Country music genre consists of music from ballads to dance music. Generally the music is simple forms and harmonies accompanied by string instruments like banjos, electric and acoustic guitars, fiddles, and harmonicas.

Find Great Country Retail Music and Retail Country Music in the TunEdge Music Library!

This video montage features Country Retail Music and Retail Country Music that is idea for commercial production that requires that Country feel.  This Country Production Music is stylized by it's fun, happy, upbeat, playful, down home, friendly, stylish, country feel.  The video montage below features just some of the great Country Retail Music and Retail [...]

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Rockin’ Country or Country Rockin’ Production Music

When your looking for that perfect Rockin' Country sound then look no farther than the TunEdge Production Music Library.  TunEdge has releases another video montage today highlighting the Country Rockin' or Rockin' Country sound.  Enjoy the sounds of this Country Rockin’ Music video from TunEdge Music! This Country Rockin’ video montage has the ideal [...]

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Big Band Swing, Basa Nova, Country Swamp, Action Adventure

The TunEdge Production Music Library has new Production Music updates coming out in the following genres and styles in August: Big Band Swing Production Music, Lounge Production Music, Basa Nova Production Music, Country Swamp Production Music, Drama Action Production Music, Drama Adventure Production Music, Hard Rock Production Music and Extreme Sports Production Music. If [...]

Do It Yourself Production Music

Today TunEdge Music Production Library features a video highlight montage of DIY (Do It Yourself) Production Music.  This genre is stylized by very neutral sounding music that typically has a more country or americana sound. If you need DIY Production Music for your next project give one of the TunEdge Music Music Supervisors a [...]

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New Production Music – Funk – Country – Imaging Effects

Yesterday TunEdge Production Music Library released the following tracks in the Production Music Catalog all with alternate versions and lengths.  As you will hear by listening to the samples below the Production Music genres covered in these new track are Funk Production Music, Country Production Music and Imaging Effects. Jackson Killer Jackson Killer - Full Version [...]

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More New Blues – Country – Rock – Alternative Production Music

This week you would have seen the release of more Blues Production Music, Country Production Music, Rock Production Music and Alternative Production Music in the TunEdge Production Music Library Online Catalog.  Below you can hear versions of each. Grab The Girl And Dance Grab The Girl And Dance - Full Version (Description: Building, Bouncy, Fun, Playful, Celebration, [...]

Funky – Country – Blues Rock – Commercial Retail Production Music

 TunEdge Music has released four tracks today and all their mix outs in the following genres Funky Production Music, Country Production Music, Blues Rock Production Music and Commercial Retail Production Music.  Below are samples of these tracks. Nose Bleeds Beats Nose Bleeds Beats - Full Version (Description: Bouncy, Fun, Playful, Celebration, Earthy, Organic, Happy, Breezy, Carefree, Positive, Driving, Optimistic, [...]

Bluegrass and Country Production Music

Bluegrass Production Music and Country Production Music genres have several new Full versions released in the TunEdge Production Music Catalog today.  Listen to the 60 second versions below. Sun Records Romp Sun Records Romp (Description: Bouncy, Fun, Playful, Celebration, Americana, Country, Earthy, Organic, Happy, Breezy, Carefree, Postive, Driving, Optimistic, Determined, Bright, Building, Emotions, Warm, Happy, Bluegrass, Country - [...]

New Funk, Country and Retro Production Music

Today's updates are full of diversity.  Starting below, with two styles of Retro Rock Production Music then Funky Production Music and followed last by Country Production Music.  Each of these updates have various lengths and Full and Reduced versions. High School Ska High School Ska - Full (Description: Confident, Bouncy, Motion, Energy, Youth, Teen, Surf, Summer, Happy, Breezy, Positive, [...]

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What is the D-Frag Production Music Library?

D-Frag Production Music Library is one of the first Production Music Libraries in the TunEdge Production Music Catalog.  With 14 CD's, D-Frag Production Music Library is the retro sounds of the 80's and 90's library featuring fresh, hot music, ranging from Hot Country to Rock, from Techno/Industrial to Jazz.  With music in the style of [...]