What does Pro Football Music sound like?  Pro Football Production Music is reminiscent of gladiator music with big fanfare, triumph, glory and drama mostly with orchestral arrangements and sometimes includes a high-bred of rock and orchestral.  Where can you find Pro Football Music?  TunEdge Music has some of the greatest Pro Football Production Music in the industry.  Recently TunEdge Music released the Gameday collection (3 Discs – Gameday I, Gameday II and Gameday III) making it available for Synchronization Licensing. The following three tracks are Pro Football Production Music tracks from the Gameday collection and have the intense sounds of head to head team to team struggle for victory and the driving pounding sounds of rock. and the pulsating informative sounds for game recap.

Gold Medal Rock Gold Metal Rock (Description: Rock – Hard Rock, Retail – Commercial, Determined, Motivational, Sports, Championship, Dangerous, Arena, Stadium, Guitar – Electric, Medium – Fast)

12.Futuristic Warefare Futuristic Warfare (Description: This industrial piece is futuristic with a touch of old romanticism and heroics. Drum machine with strings gives the piece this duel quality.)

Get It Through Your Head Get It Through Your Head (Description: Melodic, Building, Speed, Energetic, Hard, Heavy, Masculine, Driving, Determined, Confident, Bold, Edgy)

If you are in need of Production Music for the Pro Football season that starts today give us a call at TunEdge Music 800-279-0014.