If you are looking for Trailer Production Music look no further than TunEdge Music.  Out today is a building Trailer Production Music track in various lengths and full and reduced versions.

Your Attention Please Your Attention Please: (Description: Trailer, Building, Dramatic, Edgy, Gritty, Driving, Determined, Tough, Rough, Masculine, Energetic, Positive, Progress, Sports, Aggressive, Hard, Heavy, Film & TV – Action, Rock – Hard Rock, Trailer – Riser)

This Trailer Production Music track is what we call Rock Trailer – Hybrid or Orchestral-Rock Hybrid because of its use of both Metal Rock and Orchestral elements. This is just one track of many Trailer Production Music tracks you can find in the TunEdge Production Music Catalog.  If you would like information on licensing this or any other TunEdge Music track please call 800-279-0014.