So, with the big V-Day upon us, it’s likely you’ve been contracted to do a Valentine’s Day promo of some kind. Maybe it’s a television commercial, or an an after-school special video for a school production. Whatever the end goal, you’ll need some Valentine’s Day or romance-related music licensing to get your promo to the finish line. It can be very difficult to convey feelings of love without the right soundtrack.

With that thought in mind, here are some options for Valentine’s Day music licensing to help take your promos or films to the next level:

Romantic Movie

Romantic movies all have similar plot devices that are best illustrated by strong dialogue and well-chosen music. You’re likely to find one or more Sexy & Smooth scenes in a good romance film. This can sometimes lead to some Light Drama, which might be followed by some moments of Reflection. If the lovers are lucky, they’ll make up over a meal in a fancy Restaurant and feel Triumphant! Then, Wedding bells will ring.

V-Day Specific and Love Songs

There are also tons of very Valentine’s Day specific music that can be utilized for TV, film, radio, commercials and multiple other types of productions. Your Love, Temptation and Best Night Ever are some great songs from Swag Candy Music that work incredibly well with romantic promos and Valentine’s Day projects. We also have our Valentine’s Day 1 and Valentine’s Day 2 collections, as well as a subsection of hits dedicated to Valentine’s Day production music in particular!


But let’s face it, the bread and butter of Valentine’s Day lies in the retail sales. Sometimes your promo may call for some “soft sell” music, or may cater to a more Kitsch type of marketing. Perhaps you’re promoting some new jewelry and you’ll need a delicate type of background music. And there’s always, of course, the upscale commercial, which might even lead into the motherload of all Valentine’s Day gifts: the car!

So, there you have it — plenty of options to get your Valentine’s Day promos up and running. Ready to get licensing for a song you’ve found in our music licensing library? Contact us and we’ll set up a music licensing contract right away!