Super Bowl 2017 is the Mount Everest event of the year. Food, friends, football and fun set the tone of the day. Marching bands, cheerleaders, and Star Spangled Banner soloists grab the attention of viewers making them listen and watch. Halftime performances become the most talked about event of the game. With millions and millions of Internet streamers and television viewers, it is a must see.

In the advertising and music industry, it is much more. It is the highly anticipated day of the year when Ad agencies, record labels, artists and entertainers gasp and hold their breath. Each understands what is at stake. A  perfectly executed tv ad or performance can make or break their bottom line for the next 11 months. Entertaining commercials and once in a lifetime performances leave people talking, create viral videos, and hot news headlines to be shared over and over. They each know the inside secret every Hollywood film executive, New York radio station, and Los Angeles music licensing executive knows. We will let you in on it too.

Real music happens when halftime is over and gameday is done. Whether a New England Patriots or Atlanta Falcons fan, here’s why you must  stay connected to Tunedge after the halftime show.

TunEdge Production Music is the best place for all music licensing and imaging effects. Our online music catalog is used by thousands worldwide. We pride ourselves on staying up to date with the latest music trends, cloud based search, and deliver new music every day. Our clients make touchdowns with the use of our 13 commercial music production libraries with 1000s of songs and genres to choose from.

Tunedge also has established relationships throughout the world. Do you know which music licensing company makes sure the New England Patriots have the sounds and music they need when they are back at home? Tunedge.

This Super Bowl Sunday we are proud to wish Kraft Sports Group the best of luck as the New England Patriots take on the Atlanta Falcons. Can you tell which team we want to win?

To celebrate Super Bowl Sunday, we created this Sports Football Music – Highlight Montage just for you.   Football fans and Super Bowl gameday lovers you can check it out below:

“Metal Endzone” is what we take our listeners into. With every rhythm and exhilarating sound, we hit our goal each time.

“Follow The Snare” is for those driven to win and determined to dominate. This sound captures the winning mindset you need.

“A New World” is what we create for those who dare to defy the naysayers and change the game. This song is for the love of the game.

These are just a few sounds we put together to make your trailer videos, radio spots, tv commercials and film projects stand above the rest. Let Tunedge be your personal licensing and music consultant of choice. Start now!

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