Last week we posted a great Sports Montage video up to our Youtube channel. If you haven’t had a chance to check out this sports production music montage featuring football, basket ball, hockey, baseball and more. I would highly recommend it.

The tracks in this montage cover dramatic suspenseful music, driving aggressive rock, it is an action packed montage.  Here are just some of the descriptions of a few tracks; Melody, Edgy, Attitude, Gritty, Crunchy, Rebellious, Driving, Confident, Bold, Youth, Teen, Building, Hard, Heavy, Tough, Rough, Building, Trailer, Bold, Confident, Aggressive, Rebellious, Masculine, Motion, Intense, dramatic trailer sound with driving percussion and haunting orchestral overtures, College drumline, marching band,  Industrial piece is futuristic with a touch of old romanticism and heroics. Drum machine with strings give the piece this duel quality.  I hope you enjoy this montage as much as I did and find something useful for one of your projects.