2 Broke Girls Used TunEdge in a recent On-Air Promo!  When relaxing in front of the television every night there are hundreds of programs to chose from.   One of the many sitcoms one can find is the series ‘2 Broke Girls’.  This sitcom is about two roommates, Max Black (Kat Dennings) and Caroline Channing (Beth Behrs) who live together in Brooklyn New York.  One of the girls was raised by a multimillionaire while the other grew up in poverty.  Their unique perspective on life sets up for comedic banter and funny interactions.

2 Broke Girls Used TunEdge

Because 2 Broke Girls Used TunEdge in a recent on-air promo, it is now part of the ever expanding list of TV show and Movies using the TunEdge Production Music Library.  The TunEdge Music Library has been used in other sitcoms on-air promos like; The Big Bang Theory, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Crazy Ex Girlfriend, Free Ride, Friends, Grandfathered, Mike & Molly, Mom, Mulaney, Til Death, Last Man on Earth and more.


Finding Production Music for On-Air Promos Like 2 Broke Girls Used TunEdge

Besides having great Production Music that covers hundreds of genres TunEdge Music Library also has complimentary Music Supervisor services.  With a simple phone call to 800-279-0014 or by sending TunEdge an email you can have access to our Music Supervisors.  Most often a music search with suggested compositions to select from can be sent back within the hour.  Our Music Supervisors do ask for at least 24 – 48 hours in case they are backed up.  If you are an editor or producer for one of the big networks like CBS, NBC, ABC or even if you consider yourself a small advertising agency our Music Supervisors are there to help.


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